Vocab Time at DGAF Academy

Carolyn Abram
1 min readApr 4, 2020


Shit show

“Shit show” is a descriptive noun. I think that’s a thing. It means something is a total mess, totally crazy and disorganized. Like the house right now, for example. Or this school day. Or the world.

No, you can’t call your sister a shit show. People aren’t shit shows. Unless their lives are a complete mess, but even then you wouldn’t say “you’re a shit show” you’d say “your life is a shit show”. Understand? Good. So if you wanted to call your sister a bad word, you might call her a shit, but you wouldn’t call her a shit show. And don’t call your sister a shit, it’s not nice, you little shit.

No, but that time it was funny because I was joking. And please don’t repeat these words outside of the house. It makes us look like we don’t give a shit about our kids. So in three to six months when you’ve really gotten these nuances of the word shit and its derivations down cold, you will not be allowed to use them. Is that understood? No iPad unless you promise you won’t use these words with your friends.

Okay, that was some great vocab lessons! Time for fourth recess!