Turns out DGAF Academy is a Boarding School?

Carolyn Abram
2 min readMar 28, 2020

Well, this is awkward. I was really proud of many of the innovations DGAF Academy pioneered this week. But it turns out that “four day school weeks” and “half day school days” only get you so far when your school is a boarding school.

So, yes, school is technically out for the week and you are still…here. Looking at me expectantly. Like I am going to come up with something interesting and engaging for you to do. Or like I am going to hand you an iPad. Which i totally will, just not right away.

Because I’ve noticed that whenever I give you the tablet, I can only pry it away under extreme duress which is not part of the DGAF ethos, if you will.

Alexa, define “ethos.” Alexa. Define “Ethos.”

There, did that help?

Okay, so we’re in this together for the next few days, kid. And it’s going to be great. We will totally leave the house and move our bodies, because moving our bodies feels good and helps us get our energy out.

No, we can’t go to the trampoline place.

No, we can’t have a playdate.

No, we can’t go to the playground.

No, we can’t go to dance class.

But we can take a walk! DGAF Academy is located on some of the most local grounds you can imagine. There’s so many sights to see — that house with the barking dog in the front yard. That house with the barking dog in the backyard. That house with the trampoline and the swing set. Yes, it would be cool if we had a trampoline and a swing set. No, you can’t play on that trampoline and swing set. Stop climbing that fence. Fences mean, “keep out” not, “come in”. I mean it. I will drag you down off that fence if I have to. I am counting to three.




Thank you.

Stop crying. We are having a nice family walk. You need to walk. Move your feet. That’s how you walk. Have you forgotten how to walk? Stop. Crying.

Yes, fine, we can go home.

Oh, now you remembered how to run?

Yes, you can have iPad.