In my family we have a tradition of writing song parodies about the Passover stories. We wrote the first one to the tune of Copacabana in 1996. This year I wrote a parody of Truth Hurts. It is a terrible parody of an amazing song and it still brings me…

Shit show

“Shit show” is a descriptive noun. I think that’s a thing. It means something is a total mess, totally crazy and disorganized. Like the house right now, for example. Or this school day. Or the world.

No, you can’t call your sister a shit show. People aren’t shit shows. Unless…

Once upon a time, six days ago, a millenial lived in the Epicenter of the Big Pandemic, in a little house made of porous surfaces.

The great, dark stay-home order of the Pandemic stood all around the house, and beyond it was shelter in place and beyond that was martial…

Carolyn Abram

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